Missionary Miracles 5.16.2014

D&C 42:6 And ye shall go forth in the power of my Spirit, preaching my gospel, two by two, in my name, lifting up your voices as with the sound of a trump, declaring my word like unto angels of God.
“How do angels speak? They speak by the power of the Holy Ghost. And how does the Holy Ghost speak or teach? It is illustrated in 1 Nephi 11 when the Spirit takes Nephi and teaches him what his father saw. The pattern is “Look”, “What do you see?” followed by our response. Then the Spirit fills in the gaps with light and knowledge. You can follow this pattern with ease using the Restoration pamphlets and its pictures.” Mike Hemingway, Director of Proselyting for the Church

Service Begets Service (and teaching opportunities!)

We have been giving much service this week and are planning on giving more this next week. There is something so unique about doing service and sharing the gospel at the same time. Lets just say it works miracles. We were moving this older lady into our area. There was a friend she had who introduced her to the missionaries up in Mesa and she was soon moving to our area in Phoenix. So as we where helping the son out moving things from the truck to the retirement home of his mom we slowly talked to him about how he came in contact with the missionaries. We got to know him pretty well and eventually asked him the question of “what role has religion played in your life?”. He expressed to us that he would love to go to our church. Also the mother as we were going inside her home she continually expressed her gratitude towards us and the church. By the time we were done she asked the question, “what can I do for you since you have helped me out so much?”. As she asked this question I reflected on the things I had seen in the truck that were hers. One of the items I saw was a sewing machine. Also I reflected on a small portion of guidance about asking people what they can do to give service for the church. I went by the Spirit and eventually asked her, “well our Young Women from church would love some lessons on sewing and hemming, do you think you can help our young women out by giving them some lessons?” She expressed to us that she loved sewing and that she would love to do that for the young women. She said that being around young people helped her feel young. We gave her our contact information and the address of the church. We are planning on having her over to teach the young women in the near future. (Elder Ortiz)

If You Have Faith To Carry a Pass-along Card, the Lord Will Bring People to You!

Another week has quickly gone by and we are so happy with the miracles and things that are happening in this area. We are really seeing many amazing things happen. This past week we have been focusing on sharing the message of the restoration with members by teaching with the “Angel” method and keeping it short. After the message we invite the members to carry around a pass along card telling them that if they have the faith to carry it with them they will be placed in the path of someone who they can share it with. Another thing that Sister Jones and Johnston are doing in their ward is that they have worked with the ward council to start a one month challenge for every member of the ward to pass out a copy of the Book of Mormon to someone by the end of May. It just started yesterday so it will be neat to see how they do and what miracles they are able to find through it. (Elder Groneman)

Be Bold, but not Overbearing….

On Saturday I had exchanges with elder Txxx who is such a wonderful missionary. We saw many miracles.
One of our goals was to set a baptism date for May 24th. We didn’t know who, but we were going to do whatever to get it. We had faith that it would happen. So at the end of the day, we had a wonderful member with us who was able to share his testimony with Andrew. It was an incredible lesson. We invited him to be baptized he said hes not ready/not sure. We talked about taking a step of faith. Believing that God would give him his answer. We re-invited him for May 24th he was stunned. I could feel that the spirit there was so strong and that he had felt it. I know that we were bold but not overbearing. He accepted. It takes a lot of Faith to accept and its going to take faith in our part to help him get there.(Elder Stockdale)

There are no Co-incidents in the Kingdom!

We received a referral to go contact for a family that lived in our area. It was a member that lived in Mesa who had invited them to take the missionary discussions. We put them into our plans the next day to go and contact. However, when we got there, we arrived about 5 minutes earlier than we had planned to be at their house. It was a duplex and we couldn’t see the letter’s A or B, so we tried knocking the first door. No one was home. We went and tried knocking the second door. No one was home. We went back out to the car, and we tried to turn on the GPS. It has always worked, the entire time that I have been in this area. However, this particular time, Elder Txxx couldn’t get it to turn on. He tried unplugging the cord a couple of times, holding the button, everything, and it just wouldn’t turn on. Thinking maybe I had the magic touch, I took it, and tried to turn it on. However, it didn’t work for me either. After a few minutes of trying, we began to pull away and try to find the next place in the plans. Just as we were driving down the street, a car pulled right by us, put on it’s blinker, and went right into the drive way. The GPS was just sitting in the middle console, and all of a sudden, without even touching it, it turned on! Elder Tarr and I looked at each other, said a thank you prayer, and then went and contacted the family that was our original referral. God knew they were almost home, so He kept us there just a little longer.
The longer I am out, the more I realize that God is truly directing His work. He knows who He has prepared, He knows where they are, He knows what they need. If we can connect with heaven, we will then become the instruments in His hands we are meant to be. (Elder Tarr)(Elder Wilson)
I don’t know if I told ya’ll about

Be diligent in the Work, Listen to the Spirit

We went to talk to a less active man, Mike, but turned out we knocked on the “wrong” house. Can you guess what we did as missionaries? We knocked on the neighbors house. Turns out Mike and Joyce lived next door to the address we were given. Mike is a lifelong member of the church, just inactive. Joyce is not a member at all. So. Again with the missionary stuff, we teach a couple of lessons, and invite them out to church. Well they come. Joyce absolutely loved it. They had to leave right after sacrament meeting, but talked with us saying she never felt anything like this and will be back for all 3 hours of church next week. It’s amazing how the Lord works. Moral of the story: Be diligent in the work, listen to the spirit, and you will accomplish the things the Lord wants accomplished. (Elder Russell)

The Power of Member Examples

We were walking around our area one night talking to everyone we saw, and we came across a guy fixing his car. We started a conversation with him and tried to help him out. His name is Joe. He told us about everything that has happened to him recently and how he isn’t in the mood for God. He ended up listening to us for a while as we bore testimony to him and asked ‘heaven sent’ questions to get him thinking. You could definitely tell the Spirit was working on him. A few minutes later, some guys pulled up to their house and I called them over. They ended up being returned missionaries themselves and one of them served in Chicago where Joe used to live. They had a good conversation about that, and Joe started changing his upset attitude. He decided he was just going to walk home rather than try to fix the car, but one of the RM’s offered a ride. Joe was shocked, because he doesn’t live close at all and doesn’t even know the guy. He pulled Elder Pxx and I aside and asked us why the RM offered him a ride. You could tell his whole night got turned around. As we began to leave, he told us that he was actually baptized a member of our church years ago when he was in the Marines. He said it was because of people like us that he got baptized in the first place. Amazing experience! (Elder Pilkington)

Sacrament Meeting Converts!

The Miracle of this week was on Sunday. We had THE BEST fast Sunday Ever! Our meetings were pretty typical for the morning: ward correlation then ward council followed by church. Justin came to all three hours of church again this week. We are so excited to see his progress. He is doing amazing. In our previous lessons we had talked to him about fast Sunday and he was excited to hear the testimony meeting. We mentioned, more as a side note, that he would be allowed to bear his testimony if he felt so inclined. That surprised him but then said that he would just listen. For Sacrament meeting the second counselor is conducting this month and he bore his testimony then asked the congregation a question, “what does the atonement mean to you?” The first few testimonies were all centered on Christ’s love and the Atonement. It was very powerful. Then to our surprise Justin gets up and goes to sit on the stand to wait in line to bare his testimony. Sister Rxxxx and I were so proud of him. He started off by saying that the spirit was prompting him so strongly so he needed to get up and bear his testimony. He then told about how he came to know of Christ’s existence and His love for Him. Justin said that as he was kneeling to pray he offered a simple prayer asking if Christ was real. He then felt the most overwhelming feeling of Love that he had ever felt and tears started running down his face. He never cries so he knew that was a witness to him that Christ was real and that He loved him very much. Justin was then confused because that feeling of love was so familiar and yet he didn’t even know Christ existed before that moment so how could he have felt it before. His answer came when he started meeting with the missionaries. The Missionaries taught him that Jesus Christ was his elder brother and that Heavenly Father was literally his Father. Justin said that after he learned that he knew it was true and it made sense why Christ’s love for him was so familiar – because he lived with Him before this life, he was family. After Sacrament meeting Justin came up to us. He was just beaming, so happy that he couldn’t contain it. He said that he never knew how much his testimony would grow just by sharing it to others. (Sister Morley)

You WILL be Led as Nephi of Old…

We saw an amazing miracle this Thursday night. We had an appointment fall through and a back up fall through in our plans. We pulled into a parking lot and said a prayer. I simply asked, “Where do we need to go right now in order to find who needs us.” I pondered for a minute and a name came to mind so we went straight to visit the Brewster family, a less active family in the ward. When we got there only King, their 20 year old son was home. We’d never met King before, but we asked if we could teach him a lesson. He told us that we could, and because he said the house was to messy, he followed us over to the church. We taught King a short powerful lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He opened up to us that he had gone through something pretty tough recently. During the day he had prayed three times that someone could help him out because none of his friends were responding, and he felt alone. Then we showed up. It was powerful! He came to church on Sunday, and we’ll continue to work with him to try and help him get active in applying the Gospel in his life again. (Elder Wilson)

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