LoLo’s Chicken & Waffles

Missionaries LOVE food! And there is no better place for fried chicken in the mission than LoLo’s Chicken and Waffles in downtown Phoenix.

I know we’re the Scottsdale Mission, but within our mission boundaries lie ALL of downtown Phoenix. The Arizona Diamondbacks play here, as do the Phoenix Suns. High rise skyscrapers dot the landscape where our missionaries labor. It is a great place to do the Lord’s work!

Sister Sweeney and I feel a special interest in these missionaries. They have the hottest temperatures in the mission (the concrete seems to hold the heat till far into the night) and the least amount of greenery. On occasion, these missionaries deserve a special reward from their mission president, so in mid-April, Sister Sweeney and I joined them for lunch on preparation day at the restaurant of their choice. Their choice? LoLo’s!

It’s mason jars full of Kool-Aid that the restaurant calls “Drank”. It’s fried chicken southern style. It’s waffles. It’s collard greens. It’s delicious! And it’s a well-deserved break for there hard-working servants of the Lord.

L to R: Elders Russell, Pinkston, Williams, Hunt, Ortiz, Bennett, Armatage, Livermore, Erickson and Gonser

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