Departures – April/May 2014

April and May were bittersweet months as we said farewell to multiple missionaries on multiple occasions. Many of our visa waiters were able to get their visas to Brazil – and thus Elder Bond, Elder Molinaro, Sister Basham and Sister Archibald – who had been in the mission for 7 months or more (Elder Bond reached his half-way point just as he left) all departed during the past few weeks.

We also said goodbye to the May departing group consisting of Elder Pinkston, Elder McNabb, Elder Hernandez, Elder Broomhead, Elder Taylor, Elder Rigoli, Sister Holyoak and Sister Tenney. These fine missionaries have served well and return to prepare for school and their lives ahead. All of them have made significant contributions to the mission and we will miss them.

The farewell dinner was held Sunday, May 11th and featured Sister Sweeney’s version of Cafe Rio – shredded marinated chicken, black beans, Texas caviar dip, all covered with a delicious salsa verde dressing – with dessert prepared by our senior missionary office couples, Elder and Sister Williams and Elder and Sister McConkie. These couples are our assistants in every endeavor we find too much to handle alone and we love them dearly.

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