Elder E. and President S. – Email Exchange

Many times missionaries test their mission president a bit. Last week, I got an email from Elder “E” which said:

Dear President Sweeney,
This area is great, is there anything I can do for you. I am starting to think that you don’t read all my emails. some advice on how I can be a better junior companion and grow as a missionary would be great.
love yall, if you really do read all my emails then this could be an awkward email.
Elder E

My response:
Dear Elder E – don’t read your emails??? I read every one. Sometimes I don’t respond to every question you ask, and that’s only a time limit issue. Love, Pres. S.

His letter this week:

Dear President Sweeney:
We have been doing some pretty good work. mostly less active stuff. we got an inactive couple of five years to come to church. so now we just have to find investigators to teach. it is going well though. Anyway so gotta go, but I think you are the most handsomest, best looking, spiritually powerful mission president I have ever had.

My response:
Dear Elder E – I agree! [I’m also the ONLY mission president he’s ever had]

Love those Elders!!

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