Monday Miracles – Supplement – Elder Williams’ Week

Monday– We taught Vanessa the first two parts of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Faith and Repentence. She also said that she wanted to meet with us every day this week because she is thirsty/hungry for this!!

Tuesday– Zone Conference. I learned that my Color Personality is a White Peace Keeper with a Red Get It Done as my secondary. We taught Vanessa the third and forth part of the Gospel (Baptism and The Gift of The Holy Ghost) and she cried for a good part of the lesson. We had Brother Rappleye with us and his teaching method was awesome and really touched her. The Spirit was SO STRONG!!

Wednesday– We taught Vanessa on Enduring To The End which is the final part of the Gospel and about the sacrament and how it is able to rebuild the tower of the Gospel in our lives as we not only renew our baptismal covenants but as well as our temple covenants every time we partake of his redeeming and saving flesh and blood. We gave her homework to read the law of chastity and word of wisdom pamphlets before our next lesson on Friday.

Thursday– Hurt my ankle bad. I landed on the outside edge of my right leg and my ankle killed. Luckily I have a very good ankle brace and a knee brace which also helps the entire leg out with the pain and aid that it gives.

Friday– Vanessa said that the Law is Good but her problem is the W.o.W. She can give up beer as she rarely drinks. She gave us a pack of grape flavored cigars as she has given that up but hadn’t thrown them away. She said that she can go with out coffee because she gave that up for lent, even though she is not Catholic. I actually know a lot of people who do that even though they aren’t Catholic. She said her problem will be tea. She LOVES green tea. She showed us an entire drawer that was full of green tea bags. We got her to commit to the alcohol, smoking/tobacco, and coffee but she said that she would need time to decide on the tea. I didn’t know this but Elder Curtis told her that tea actually has the acid that tanners would use to make leather in the old days. I don’t know if that is true or not but it sounds disgusting!

Saturday– AWESOME!! Vanessa woke up early (4:00) for some reason and decided to watch the sun rise. As it was rising she decided to pray if the Book of Mormon was true and if she should give up tea. She said that when the sun rose she had the thought and she knew it was the Holy Ghost talking to her. She said that the thought was this “Vanessa, why are you asking?” She thought for a long time and said softly out loud “I don’t know”. Then the Spirit spoke again. “You know what you have to do, Vanessa. Stay true to what you know and do what your Father wants you to.” We showed up at 1:30-ish (we had taught her past 8 through the week because of her work) and she opened the door and handed me a good size box full of her tea bags. I stepped back and she then poured a big maybe 2 liter pitcher full of tea down a drain in her complex. She then turns to us and says “Get rid of it for me. I am staying true and I know what I have to do. I will go to church tomorrow and I will get baptized on the 29th of March. What is the lesson going to be today?” Our response was blank stares of shock. SOOOO COOL!!!! I love the way the Spirit works with people!

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