Monday Miracles 3.24.2013

“The point of our training was to help bond the Church leadership—particularly the stake and ward councils and priesthood quorums—to the full-time missionaries. The day of rank-and-file members not accepting ownership of missionary work is over.” (Elder M. Russell Ballard, Church News March 18, 2014)

Overcoming Addictions Can Happen!
We’ve been preparing the “J” family for baptism this Saturday, and that is the miracle the ward has been praying for many years. Roland, the father and lifetime member, has been in and out of prison for many years for drug use for many years has decided that it’s time for him to come back. He and his wife have had smoking problems since they were young teens. We began teaching the family and Tanya, the mother, was ready for this from the start. The only problem was that Tanya never thought she could quit smoking, as they had tried to be baptized and quit smoking a few years ago. The daughter has been ready for it this whole time, but wanted to wait for her parents. Through the ward’s fasting and prayer and constant faith, the Lord has softened the family’s heart and addictions. They have been clean from smoking and coffee for a couple of weeks now. It’s been beautiful to see.

Bless Those Wonderful Ward Mission Leaders (and Missionary Persistence)!
Another miracle we’ve seen is through our investigator Bonnie “H.” She has been coming to church for many months now, but has refused to meet with us due to bad missionary experiences in the past (i.e. too pushy, rude, no manners, etc.). Finally our wonderful ward mission leader was able to set us up an appointment to go and meet her. After our visit she said that we were the best young men she had ever met and that she was more than willing to meet with us and take the discussions. She even told the ward mission leader she’d be baptized! The Lord smiles upon the persistent, it seems. (Elder Russell)

The Spirit Will Assist Us As We Act in Faith…and Persistence!
A cool miracle happened this week. Okay, so there is this member of our branch. He is 14. His name is Jessie. He was baptized about a year ago into the church. His parents have in the past wanted absolutely nothing to do with the church; very strong Catholics. They recognize the good that it has done for their son but they want nothing to do with it. Well, this week, we somehow managed to open up the discussions with his mother, and his father both. For the first time, as far as I can tell, we managed to get inside of their apartment and talk to both of them. They do not have very much money. Jessie has such a strong testimony, though, it is incredible, and there is nothing that he wants more than to have his parents join him at church. We had been teaching a little bit outside but – well, on Saturday, it rained. It rained a TON. Biking in slacks and a tie in the rain is NOT. FUN. I am grateful that I am serving my mission in the desert so I don’t have to deal with it that much. Anyways that night it was pouring rain, and finally, they let us inside their home to speak to them. It was wonderful. It was a very good miracle. We have a tentative baptismal date with his mother for the 19th of April. We’ll see how it all goes.

More Sister Missionary Persistence!
Wednesday I went on an exchange with Sister Doolhoff. I love going into their area so much. Just like Sister Lieberman, Sister Doolhoff is a wonderful, amazing missionary and I learned a lot from her and her example. She is a get-it-done, do it right type missionary and I love that about her. We had an appointment with one of their potential investigators and showed up with two members. The man we were supposed to teach had forgotten about the appointment and said he was really tired. I probably would have just let him go and rescheduled an appointment, but Sister Doolhoff was very devoted and asked if we could talk to him for just a few minutes. We ended up teaching him the whole 1st lesson, and Sister Doolhoff committed him to be baptized and he accepted. She is amazing!!

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