Elder Henkel Opens His Mission Call

Elder Henkel Opens His Mission Call

WAIT A MINUTE! How could a current Arizona Scottsdale Missionary (Elder Henkel) be opening up another mission call? Twin? Mistake? Reincarnation? No, none of the above. In certain situations, the Missionary Department allows missionaries to “field test” what it’s like to serve a full time mission. If they like their experience and desire to serve as full-time mission, they will be issued a full time call – generally to a different mission for the full 2 years. And so it was that Elder Henkel, a wonderful 2-transfer missionary who is winding up his service in the Arizona Scottsdale Mission this month, joined his parents at the Mission Office yesterday to open his 2 year mission call along with the Mission Office staff and some nearby missionaries (including one who is recuperating from surgery).

It’s an experience that is repeated 40,000 times a year in this era of “hastening the work” – but it’s always thrilling to see a missionary get his call from the Lord.

I won’t spoil the surprise of where Elder Henkel got called – but we wish him well!

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