Missionary Wisdom – Elder Aaron Russell

From our missionaries and shared with permission:

“I had this wonderful revelation about pride last night. It’s really long so bear with me. It was related to me by relating it to cancer and the evil and destruction it’s done to so many people.

“Pride is like a cancer. It begins in the mind, tainting the thoughts within and dimming the bright thoughts of charity. Soon, it spreads to the eyes where it blinds you to the tender mercies of the Lord. From there it only moves to the ears which makes you deaf to sound advice and the whispering of the Spirit. From there it moves to the mouth in degrading speech and harmful comments. Then finally it sinks deep into your heart where you heart becomes cold and hard to the true teachings of the Lord. It finally ends in your feet in treading over the words, servants and anything else of the Lord. Luckily for us we have a cure prepared for us. The Light of Christ. It fills our soul and will eventually unclog the blocked valves of the heart, softening and warming it. It moves to the mind, enlightening understanding and love for the spirit, which in turn allows your eyes to open to the miracles of God, helping the spirit whisper into the once deaf ears. It allows you to profess truth and light from that once filthy mouth. And finally it washes your feet of the sins and mistakes you have stepped in only because you are not on them anymore. But you are on your knees speaking to our Father in Heaven, thanking him for that cure and asking for forgiveness for the mud you’ve stepped in.” This is what I have learned this week. I seek that cure so much. And it will take time, but I know of it’s cleansing power, especially with the Holy Ghost.” Elder Aaron Russell

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