Mission Interview Photos – January 2014

In January 2014, Pres. and Sister Sweeney toured the mission and conducted interviews with every missionary in the mission.  (That’s 218 for those of you counting)  At each session (Except Paradise Valley) we took zone photos which are shown below.  We will update these photos again in March at zone conferences.

At these interviews, each missionary was invited to declare a “weapon of rebellion” that they would sacrifice and “bury deep” like the Anti-Nephi Lehis did.  The most popular answer was “pride.”  Since there is no single definition in the scriptures of “pride”, those selecting this weapon were invited to go to Moroni 7: 45 – which is a definition of charity – and change the word “charity” to pride and reverse every attribute listed.  Thus it would read, “And pride is impatient and is unkind….”.  Doing it this way, they had a pretty good list of the attributes they wanted to do away with.  Their weekly letters since then have been filled with their efforts to develop more charity and less pride.

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