Heart Attack at the Mission President’s Office

Heart AttackValentine’s Day may not be a holiday you’d think would be shared in the Mission.  You would be wrong.  Oh, the usual boy/girl stuff isn’t a part of it – but the missionaries insist that the office couples, including President and Sister Sweeney, get away to celebrate.  And while they’re away, sometimes your office gets “heart attacked.”  The handiwork was orchestrated by Sisters Zimmerman, Fairbanks, Carroll and Basham – who proselyte in nearby Scottsdale Wards and are the most tender-hearted Sisters ever!

Here, the mission Assistants, L to R Elders Tarr, Fullmer and Wilson sit in President Sweeney’s office and crunch through the updates required for transfers (which are coming up Monday and Tuesday with 17 new missionaries arriving) surrounded by hearts saying “Thank you for everything” and “Happy Valentine’s Day” – and some Dove chocolates taped to the wall and ceiling. Missionaries are soooo FUN!!

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