“Late” Monday Miracles – 1.20.2014

Thirty Years Away But Returning to the Temple and the Church!
The next experience was an experience I know I will remember for the rest of my life. Pretty much since I got up here (Ft. Apache), I have been working with Brother and Sister Cheney. They came back to church for the first time in over 30 years about a month ago, and they have been faithful ever since. They have their sights on the temple! The way we found them was a miracle too! Elder Vete, Elder Leslie and I went to visit a member for referrals one day. He wasn’t home but his less active grandson was, so we talked with him a little bit and ask him for a referral. He couldn’t think of anyone but we were determined to get one! We told him to name of the first name that comes to his head. He said “Jon Cheney, but I don’t think he would be interested at all.” We took it anyways and went to visit the Cheneys! We found them and he was so grateful. He told us that just a couple days before he was on his knees praying for help and answers, and all the sudden we showed up! What a miracle! Yesterday he bore his testimony to us and the feeling of the Spirit was overwhelming. He talked about how we were an answer to prayer and that he needed to come back and how he wished he never left. He talked about how he knows this is the true church and while he was talking I couldn’t help but see him as a great leader in the church one day. He is a very influential man in the reservation and I know he will bring many people back just through his example. I love being here in Ft. Apache. The feelings I had during Brother Cheney’s testimony were the same feelings I had during Kyras baptism. I know that the work of bringing people back is just as if not MORE important and the Holy Ghost testified that to me yesterday. I love this work, I love this mission, and I love this Gospel!

Inviting – Nothing Gets Done Until We Open Our Mouths!
Now for the miracle this week. it was the last day with elder rxxx and we were going to visit rosalinda, a long-term investigator that hasn’t given up coffee. Well she wasn’t home, and we were about to leave when her daughter came out and then invited us in. we sat down and then she started the conversation by telling us that she was less active but that she wants to come back. Also her husband is not a member and she wants us to teach him and help him become converted. She then adds that she has been talking to her group of about 20 friends from when she was active (who are all less active part member families now) and they all want to come back to raise their kids the right way. So basically this fell into our lap and there will be tons of people affected just because we had a plan, and had visited an investigator we had been prompted to visit at that time. The church is so true! It truly was a miracle and I am so excited to see what all comes of it and how this will impact the area.

Six Weeks A Missionary – And “Still Here”
Well, there have been stressful days, there have been happy days, there have been busy days, disappointing days, and just days that are long, but we’ve worked through them, and am still able to do the work; so I figure we haven’t died yet, so we must be doing alright.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ Changes Lives – Jesus – Continuing
Jesus is still our little gem of a hard-working, studiously searching, spiritually starving, physically fighting (his addictions not us ha ha) investigator. Thanks to Father, Jesus is progressing. I think he really is putting in the effort to stop drinking and thanks to Sister Hxxx, we know of addiction recovery classes we can have him go to. Since he is currently unemployed, he should be able to go. Faithfully (like “hopefully” but we’re putting effort into it so it falls more under the category of “faith”) he will be spiritually and physically prepared to soon enter the waters of baptism.

The Gospel Changes Lives – A Second Witness
The man who sells ice cream and used to live in a wood shack moved into a trailer that his Christian friend left him as inheritance. And we saw him at Church and I called him out during my talk saying how happy I was to see him and to see everyone like him who can make changes in their life. Because he was always so depressed in that little wood shack whenever we’d visit him. And now after having known of him for a year and visiting him for months he is happy. We see him smiling, sharing the Gospel. He read the whole Bible and Book of Mormon. We see him with his children and he’s learning English. And he wants to have a wife and do good things in his life.

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