THANK YOU FONTANO FAMILY! (John, Natalie, Jack and Andy)

The Fontanos of Cedar City, John (Dad) and his 3 terrific children, Natalie, Jack and Andy sent us “5 loaves and 2 fishes” for Christmas. It was not loaves of bread, but loaves of missionary catnip – FUDGE! At our recent all-mission meeting, we served the fudge as dessert to raves from the missionaries!

John and his family run The Little Brick House restaurant and gift house in downtown Cedar. Fudge is their gift shop specialty and they make many different flavors. It’s not an easy thing to be a single parent (which John does with great dedication) and get through a busy day at the restaurant with any extra time. So, we marvelled that he and his children would have time to make this gift. Let me quote from the letter that accompanied the present:

“I was pondering one morning and worried that I would not have anything to give to my children this year. I stopped thinking about material things I could give to them and started thinking about what we as a family could give to someone else. Well, I thought about you and I thought about your missionaries and I thought about fudge. Fudge at Christmas is a Fontano family tradition. I called the family around the table last week and shared with them my thoughts. I talked to them about giving and making that our gift to the Savior. All were on board and were excited expecially when I shared the thought of doing something for you and your missionaries. You will be happy to know that Andy helped supervise the fudge making process, Natalie helped with the vital role of stirring and Jack took very serious his role of sampling the left over fudge in the bowl after we poured each loaf. It has been a great reminder and a lot of fun. I hope it is something you can enjoy and share.”

We did. Thank you. “And he who feeds you…shall in no wise lose his reward.” D&C 84:90Fontano Family

2 thoughts on “THANK YOU FONTANO FAMILY! (John, Natalie, Jack and Andy)

  1. I want to thank the Fotano family for their wonderful service and love for all the missionaries! My son; Elder Joseph Vickrey said be loved the fudge and said they were so blessed. Fudge is one of of his top favorite things! God bless you for your generous service!

  2. We are thrilled that the missionaries loved the fudge. It was a wonderful treat for our family this Christmas to do this. When I shared this story and picture with my kids tonight, each had a big smile and were excited to have done something good. We love the Lord, we love the Sweeney’s and we love this impressive group of missionaries.

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