All-Mission Photo 1.11.2014

All-Mission Photo 1.11.2014Friday morning we received word that Elder Holland would not be coming to Arizona.  An emergency special assignment took precedence and the missions in Arizona would gather, instead, to hear from Elder Jim Wright of the Seventy.  We immediately began to pray for Elder Wright – who delivered a wonderful discourse on missionary work, even quoting some of Elder Holland’s wonderful talk entitled “Feed My Sheep” – a talk given to the MTC missionaries in 2011.  Here’s a link to it:

Because we’ve never had an all-mission gathering, we kept to our plan of gathering for a testimony meeting and lunch – including an all-mission photo immediately after the Elder Wright meeting in Mesa.  This photo was taken at the Mesa Maricopa North stake center – one of the 14 stakes in the Arizona Scottsdale Mission.  Sorry that a couple of the missionaries weren’t still for the panorama photo – and a couple didn’t heed the photographer’s advice of “if you can’t see me, your face won’t be in the picture” – but frankly, this is a remarkable photo of about 220 people – the best in all the world – Our Arizona Scottsdale missionaries!

2 thoughts on “All-Mission Photo 1.11.2014

  1. Gracias , Alma perdón Hermana Sánchez Albendea , comentó en su carta que fue una experiencia maravillosa , que se sintió un espíritu increíble , que los testimonios fueron maravillosos. Realmente el grupo de misioneros es maravilloso . Los jóvenes de la Iglesia son extraordinarios. Maria Albendea Bonilla.

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