Monday Miracles 12.30.2013

Jacob 5:72 And it came to pass that the servants did go and labor with their mights; and the Lord of the vineyard labored also with them; and they did obey the commandments of the Lord of the vineyard in all things.
Here was last weeks Story….
Yesterday we found a new investigator! I have never met anyone in my life that wants to change his life more than this man. When I first met him he was extremely drunk and said “PREACH To me!” ……  In the middle of the complex, we kneeled on the grass and asked him to pray. He told us that he couldn’t. We waited and asked again, still he wouldn’t. We told him that we would help him and my companion began and asked him to follow and then he would continue.  He did, and then just began crying. My companion also finished the prayer and the man’s young son came running out of the house, He looked at his son and expressed again how much he wanted to change. But this time, His eyes looked different. I can’t tell you what it was, I just saw something clearer, and I don’t know.. Different!! He promised us that the next time we come (which will be today) He will not be drunk and thanked us and we left.
Here is this week’s update….
The man that I told you about last week, Jesus, who was so drunk but wanted to change his life is really pulling through! He came to church on Sunday and we went to the lights last night! It was really great! I love so see him and watch the change that comes every time. He knows that he has a baptismal date and says he is going to work really hard to achieve it. It will take a lot of faith and work. But we know that He can do it!
The Dawning of Consecration from a new Missionary….  
There have been hard times, but the good/great times make up for all the hard times. I love going outside and sharing the gospel with everyone that I see at the park. It was weird at first, but I’ve gotten used to it. I’ve also read and have become more familiar with the Book of Mormon. I’m really happy about that. I can now use stories in my lessons and passages to help my investigator.Everything is going great so far and I can’t wait for the months to come. Only 17 more. It’s hard to not think/sing my favorite songs from home, but I’m doing my best to only sing hymns. It’s fun to shout and sing them while riding on my bike. Nothing better than singing “Nearer My God to Thee” in the freezing cold of the night. It’s the best!
The Lord labors with us….
We have been teaching a Catholic woman about some of the gospel, and since we have been teaching her I have been getting frustrated because its basically a comparing of religions and the last time we visited with her we got into a heated conversation about the trinity and I did not like that. Afterwards I brought this up with my companion about how I didn’t think we should teach her anymore because we are only just comparing religions with her and she is not going to be converted because she is too far set in her own religion that she can’t feel the truth of ours. This was also a pretty heated conversation to which my companion’s response was very calm and clear. She knows that sometimes it gets hard, and that there have been times when she has wanted to drop her as well. But then she just gets that feeling that she just needs to keep going because if we don’t teach her, nobody will. We decided to pray about this and I took this question to the temple. The answer to this question was also very clear. I heard a voice in my head saying; “You have no idea what powers I hold and what I can do”
again…and again….
Then one day this week during companionship study Sister xxxx mentioned how she just wants to be teaching more lessons because she feels that we’re not accomplishing as much as we should be as missionaries. So we read the section “No Effort is Wasted” in in chapter 9 of Preach My Gospel. I pointed out that we’ve both been put into a new area with an area book that didn’t have a lot of people to teach, but we’ve been doing all we can to add people to our teaching pool. We’ve been trying to contact as many potential and former investigators, we’ve been asking for referrals from everyone, and we’ve been talking to everyone and taking every opportunity we get to share the gospel. Despite all that, we haven’t been having much success and that’s something that was bringing me down for a day or two as well. But I mentioned that God put us in this area for a reason. He wouldn’t put us here to waste time and run in circles and not accomplish anything or see any miracles. He knows there are people here we’re meant to find, to teach, and to bring unto Christ. We just need to keep doing all we can on our part, and keep praying and having the faith that we’ll find people to teach. Literally one minute after we discussed all this, the phone beeps and we have a text referral for a couple who had visited the Mesa temple to see the lights and sent a request to be taught about temples and family history by the missionaries!  A Christmas miracle we’ve been waiting for!
and again.
Last night a couple in Show Low invited us to go caroling and delivering treats to some people in the ward with them. This was very successful. We went to go visit a part-member family named the Lxxxs. As they opened the door we started to sing “Silent Night” and their down-syndrome daughter says to her Mom (non-member) “I know her” and then runs a gives my companion a big hug saying again “
I know you, I know you.” There is no possible way that she knows Sister xxx. We believe that she must have recognized Sister xxxx from the spirit world. The family invited us all in to visit. The mother explained how she had been going through chemo-therapy lately and how the ‘missionaries always seem to show up at the right time in her life.’ She explained how she had met with missionaries before and I asked if she would like to meet with missionaries again, she said sure. Her very less-active husband said that we were welcome in his home anytime and that he still believed in the church. We are going their for dinner and a lesson on Thursday night! We are very excited to teach this family! This was quite the unexpected miracle!


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