Monday Miracles 12.23.2013

Can human hearts be changed? Why, of course! It happens every day in the great missionary work of the Church. It is one of the most widespread of Christ’s modern miracles. If it hasn’t happened to you—it should.”  Ezra Taft Benson, Born of God, July 1985 Ensign
Three Stories of Changing Human Nature….(either the missionaries or the people they are teaching)
Story # 1
Yesterday we found a new investigator! I have never met anyone in my life that wants to change his life more than this man. When I first met him he was extremely drunk and said “PREACH To me!” we told Him maybe another time when he wasn’t so drunk..  Later, we continued to see him outside but he was always really drunk. When he would come out sometimes the little kids always yelled “ITS THE DRUNK” and he says “DONT CALL ME THAT” We set up an actual appointment with him for the next day.. But the next day something happened that prevented us from getting to our appointment. Then, we saw him yesterday, He told us that he had been waiting for us the day before for our appointment, and we apologized. I asked him if we could have a lesson right there, and he said yes, and went to his house to grab the pamphlet that we gave him the day before. He came out and said “I read the whole thing” We sat down at a table outside and began to teach him. We started with Faith and Repentance. After the lesson He said “look at my eyes.” We looked,  I had been looking at them the whole time. They were SO blood shot. He expressed how much he wants to be different, how he doesn’t want to drink anymore but he can’t stop, even though his kids ask him every day. He promised that he will change and we taught him prayer. In the middle of the complex, we kneeled on the grass and asked him to pray. He told us that he couldn’t. We waited and asked again, still he wouldn’t. We told him that we would help him and my companion began and asked him to follow and then he would continue.  He did, and then just began crying. My companion also finished the prayer and the man’s young son came running out of the house, He looked at his son and expressed again how much he wanted to change. But this time, His eyes looked different. I can’t tell you what it was, I just saw something clearer, and I don’t know.. Different!! He promised us that the next time we come (which will be today) He will not be drunk and thanked us and we left.
Story # 2
We were asked to visit a less active family that nobody knew for the Primary. When we got there we found out that the mom was a member, there are 4 children, and the Father is a non-member. We set a return appointment for the next day, and we got to go teach a lesson. The father has had some really hard experiences in his life and their house was a disaster! However the Spirit was strong. We set a baptismal date with him for the 4th of January. The mom also asked if we could help her 8 year old son to be baptized. As we were wrapping up the wife said, “You know to be baptized you’ll have to give up smoking?” I looked at him and invited him to give us his cigarettes and he said yes. His wife sat there in astonishment and as he went out to get his cigarettes she told us that he has been smoking for 20 years and that he has told her that he would never quit! They all came to church and Sunday and it was a wonderful experience!
Story # 3
We found this woman named Ericka, her husband is away. They have 6 kids together; 15,12, 8,6,4, &3. She doesn’t have a stable job, so she makes snacks and sells it at a church and cleans houses occasionally.  She loves her husband and her husband loves her, it is so sweet hearing her talking about him and how much she misses him. She is so cute even though she is super busy she still asks if we can read from The Book of Mormon together, the best part is that she makes sure her husband reads the Bible and she reads from the book of Mormon to him. We asked her if we can help her out around the house, she gladly accepted and we went the next day helped her sweep, clean her fridge, and the cutest part is the little ones helped me move the couches and throw the dust into the trash, they were all being really helpful, it was so cute. then on Sunday we went over an hour early so we can help her get ready for church. My companion did all their hair while I made Breakfast for everyone :).  Then we raced to the car and strapped them in their booster seats.  (I felt like such a mom) It was fun. They came to church!!! I am so grateful that we met her; we love that family so much.

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