Mission Tour – Elder Teh of the Seventy

The life of a Mission President is precarious!  After Sister Sweeney, the most important duties are the Elders and Sisters – and Couples who serve.  Farther down the list is checking to see if what you thought you posted to the blog got posted.  While reviewing the blog yesterday, I discovered a post I thought had gone out 2 months ago was still in “draft” mode.  So, with a well-deserved “mea culpa”, here is the long-delayed post from October 2013, the 3-day mission tour by Elder Michael Teh of the Seventy (Oct 21-23).

Elder Teh is a remarkable man.  He comes from the Philippines where he served as an Area President and Temple Recorder.  His family converted to the Church while he was young.  His Mother did laundry for hire.  On several occasions the missionaries dropped in to invite them to listen, but she politely declined.  However, one day a new set of missionaries asked her if they helped her with her laundry, could they take the time saved to teach her family.  That was the perfect invitation!  She accepted and the entire family joined.  Most of the family has now emigrated to the United States, where Elder Teh moved last summer to assume his new duties in the Seventy.

Elder Teh taught the missionaries doctrine.  He illustrated with a King Size candy bar how Satan tempts us to cross into his territory, and how the Lord will bless us if we stay on “the Lord’s side of the line”.  He taught how missionaries shouldn’t strive to be “just diligent enough to avoid the mission president’s radar” – such missionaries are just like Nemo in the Disney movie Finding Nemo where they ride the current rather than reach for the stars. He taught us by what he did (teach and interview missionaries, visit the sick, teach a missionary discussion, and visit a former Philippine missionary and her family (at 11 pm at night!)) and did not do (take time for himself).  It was a magnificent experience!  May God bless Elder and Sister Teh!

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