Missionary Letters 12.16.2013

    Member finding WORKS!  (even if part of the finding is done by a nonmember friend)…

One of the most amazing miracles that we saw this week was in contacting a text referral that we received. It was for a man named Kevin who had been referred to us from a member in Mesa named Kyle. We contacted Kevin that evening and he let us in to get to know him. We asked about his religious background and how he came in contact with the church. He began to tell us that he was having alot of concerns about his life. He said that he felt lost and alone, and that he didn’t know what his purpose was and really what he needed to do with really anything. He told this to a friend of his who is not a member of the church, but this friend referred him to a friend of his (Kyle, see above). Kyle is a member of the church and upon meeting Kevin began to introduce him into the gospel. He took him to the visitor center, and to a musical fireside that his stake was having. He gave him a Book of Mormon and told him to start reading it. As we heard this from Kevin the Spirit was very strong and we were filled with the peace that Kevin had been prepared by Heavenly Father to receive the gospel at this time of his life. We set up a return appointment with Kevin to come back the next day to have a lesson with him. We came and taught the Plan of Salvation, the Spirit was very strong and alot of Kevin’s questions were answered. Near the end of the lesson we invited Kevin to be baptized on November 23rd, and he accepted! We were so happy for him and he was able to come to church yesterday. We then had a lesson after church with him and taught him about the restoration. Kyle was at this lesson and also came with Kevin to church today. We are excited to teach him and help him progress in the gospel towards his baptism and help him to gain a testimony of his own.  (PS, Kevin was baptized on Nov. 23rd)

    Following the Spirit….

We have an Investigator his name is Mo (he is the one with the Baptismal date) he’s solid, but he has had personal concerns, and so we went in to teach him the Plan of salvation, but before we started I wanted to read a Scripture with him, and it was 1 Nephi 4 (when Nephi chops off the head of Laban) Elder xxxx didn’t really understand why I was reading it and neither did I. But we read all the way through it, and stopped after Nephi did the deed. And I looked at Mo and his eyes were wide open and his mouth dropped. (basically) I told him that God works in mysterious ways, and that I’m sure that Nephi was going through a hard time (before and after) he killed Laban. But sometimes to preserve other things God makes things happen. Mo went on to tell us that, that story applied to him completely. Mo was in the Marine Corp and he has done lots of things that he regrets doing. After I had read that story, we saw him sigh with relief. He has felt responsible for the things he did in his past, but one he was ordered to do them, and two it was to preserve his life. Anyway it was cool, and I did a bad job at explaining it. But my testimony on the importance of having and teaching with/by the spirit has been strengthened 100%.

    You Know You’ve are a Successful Missionary When you Feel the Spirit Testify Through You…

(PMG p. 10)

This week has been better. I still have struggles but my eyes are being opened to the good. I kind of amazed myself when we were teaching one of our investigators. I opened my mouth and was bold with my testimony of keeping the sabbath day holy. I find that usually I feel very timid, and I know I know the things we are teaching. I get scared though. I usually get nervous that I will mess up. However everyone keeps telling me to just bare my testimony so I have decided that I will do just that. It does make a lot of sense. I think I just was making everything harder than it had to be. I was putting a lot of stress on myself that didn’t really need to be there. I kept thinking that I had to be something amazing to get the work done. Now I am realizing that God called me for a reason and He is going to help me. I am not alone in what I am doing. I have others to help me. I don’t need to rely on just my strength. I knew that I just never really let it sink in, but this week it has begun to sink in. I am feeling a lot more hope. It’s not going to come to me all at once but as long as a continue to work at it I can be better.

    The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways….

Today was cold!! It rained the whole day and about 80 percent of our lessons fell through and 4 of our investigators dropped us. It was a tough day, but we prayerfully endured.  At the end of the day, we were trying to make one more visit before we headed home. It was STILL raining. We had trouble finding the home where our appointment was when we saw one of his neighbors outside. We yelled across the lawn for his help and he waved us to come to his porch where it was dry. His name is Bryan. We talked for a moment. He told us that he did not know his neighbor and asked why we were looking for her. We introduced ourselves as missionaries and told him our purpose. He invited us in, curious to learn more!

After a GREAT first lesson, we came outside to find that both of our bikes were stolen. It didn’t sting us at first- we were too excited about the great blessing the Lord had given us in leading us to Bryan. As we walked home it began to sink in that we had a tough challenge of finding new bikes ahead of us.  The next day we were visiting a potential investigator, a name given to us by our good Bishop. His name is Chris. We went to the address described as Chris’ home to find that it was not only his home, but a bike shop. He sells bikes from the shop behind his house for a living. In short, we were able to get new bikes, locks, and lights for about $50. How amazing is that? The Lord is so merciful!
The Gospel Changes People – You can’t tell who will be interested in the message….
In early September, Elder xxxx and I began teaching a 16 year old girl named Shanice. She was half-willing to meet and was not taking things seriously or keeping commitments. We knew that much of the problem was her best friend and cousin that was living with her and keeping her from participating in lessons. 
One day we went to visit Shanice and we learned that her Best friend/ cousin had moved out- but not only that! Shanice moved next door to the church with her family!! She has been coming every week and has been progressing rapidly! We often give Shanice the baptismal interview questions with out telling her what they are just to measure her progression and how close she is to being baptized. When we first started, she did not believe in God, Jesus Christ, or the Restoration through Joseph Smith.

On Monday we gave the questions again. Overtime she has grown, and now believes God to be her Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ to be her Savior. When we ask about her belief in Joseph Smith being a prophet she said “I read and pray every night.. but I still am not there yet.”  We sat in silence for a moment.. She had previously agreed to be baptized this Saturday, November 30, but she doesn’t have a testimony of Joseph Smith. We were listening the best we could for the Spirit to tell us what to do.. Elder xxxx and I were praying for each other in our heads. We then asked “Shanice, we know that if we all kneel down right now and pray together, you will get your answer. Will you offer a kneeling prayer with all of us right now?”

She thought in silence.. Then said “No.. I don’t pray in front of people.” More silence followed. The good silence! The spirit was strong and we said “We promise you that if you offer a kneeling prayer and ask specifically whether the book of Mormons is true, and whether Joseph is a prophet, you will receive an answer from the Spirit.” More silence… After what felt like my two years altogether, but must have been only 15 seconds, she said “Okay, I will do it.” We were inside the church, and we all keeled together (Shanice, Brother xxxx (who has his call to Budapest Hungary), Elder xxxx and me) and Shanice offered a humble and sincere prayer. The Holy Ghost overwhelmed us all… as she finished the prayer, the tears could not be held back. Although Shanice was the one to ask, we all received an answer. 
I know, just as sure as I know as I know anything that the fullness of the Everlasting Gospel, along with the Priesthood keys have been restored to the Earth in our day through the Prophet Joseph Smith. Jesus Christ is the head of this church, and guides it through Thomas S. Monson. What a blessing it is that I don’t need to convince anyone to believe me.. Anyone can know though the Holy Ghost.

Our love and wishes for a great holiday season!

2 thoughts on “Missionary Letters 12.16.2013

  1. Nuestro Padre Celestial es maravilloso , bonitas e increíbles experiencias , grandes testimonios. Gracias elderes y hermanas por su gran trabajo.

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