Arizona Scottsdale Mission – Latest Arrivals 11.26.2013

The Arizona Scottsdale Mission welcomed 13 new missionaries on Monday, November 26, 2013. Sister Sweeney and I are super excited to welcome these 4 Elders and 9 Sisters (Yes, as we work our way up to 230 missionaries, 80 of whom will be Sisters, you will get some transfers like this)! These new arrivals hailed from places as diverse as Texas, Michigan and — Korea! Although not called to speak Spanish, Sister Zavala is assisting in this area utilizing her bi-lingual skills. Elder DeBruin won the prize for the hardest question asked during the group’s first day contacting (Blacks and the Priesthood). Sister Hurst ended up in the Mountains, along with Elder Walter, who has the distinction of riding a bicycle in Show Low – where it gets close to zero on occasion (There are 2 others missionary companionships that are on bikes in the Mountains). Sister Lee (from Korea) is making great strides speaking in English, and she taught us all our first Korean word (Panana – Korean for Banana)!

Here they are in various pictures takes over the first two days in the mission.

We love them immensely and look forward to their future growth!

Front to Back L to R: Elder Kunzler, Sister Kunzler, Sister Thomas, Sister McKellar, Sister Zimmerman, Sister Tucker, Sister Walesby, Sister Sweeney, President Sweeney, Sister Wallace, Sister Lee, Sister Zavala, Sister Hurst, 2nd Row: Elder Ostler, Elder Walter, Elder Freckleton, Elder Debruin

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