Missionary Letters 11.4.2013

From “The Rescue” Front Lines –
This week was wonderful! The highlight was knocking on the door of a woman who has not been to church since she was 12.(she is in her late 40s) We got to talk with her and it turned out her mother passed away a year ago, and she has been struggling with some other challenges. We were able to invite her to prepare for the temple, the Spirit was there. She told us that she had not felt welcomed at the church when she was younger, and it was perfect because we had a member with us to talk about how much she loves our ward. We were able to testify the temple would bring peace to her life and that she could be with her family forever. She said it would take a long time for her to go to the temple, but we reassured her it would be worth it. She said she would ponder it and that we could come back again and next week. We are so excited. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the best! I love it!

The Power of Member Examples –
This sunday we had someone just show up to church. I was so worried about transferring areas and Heavenly Father works so many miracles where ever we are. His name is Marty he grew up around Mormons and works in mesa. He has always been impressed by the example of missionaries and members. SO he went to a missionary clothing store bought church clothing and then went to desert book. He bought himself a brand new leather bound triple combination and then just showed up at church. It was amazing to see the research he had done on Mormon.org and lds.org. It’s such a blessing to serve in a time where there are so many amazing tools we can use online to share the gospel.

From a Spanish speaking missionary 1 week into the mission –
I have been blown over by the love I have felt for people right as they open the door. Such a blessing! I testify that you cannot teach people unless you feel God’s love for them, and you cannot feel His love for others unless you have His Spirit to bring it to you. I absolutely love this area, President! I am so excited to make our branch into a ward within the next month (yet another reasonably attainable goal, I should think.) and eventually see our ward split into more branches and wards! This work is wonderful. It is inspired of God and it makes all those involved in it happy.

On the importance of members and missionaries working together to home and visit teach-
The home teaching and visiting teaching is SO SO SO important I have come to realize! Yesterday we went to visit a woman that is less active and she said to us “I have been a member of that branch for almost 20 YEARS, and when I stopped being able to go did anyone care? Did anyone notice? Did anyone come and visit me? NO!.” It was heartbreaking. She just wanted someone to care about her and her family. We are going to work with her.. but it is going to take a while before she gains the trust of the xxxx again… But we invited her to work towards a goal of going to the temple 🙂 She told us that she wants the blessings of the temple 🙂 We are excited for her! 🙂

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