Arizona Scottsdale Mission – Latest Arrivals 10.14.2013

Our latest group of 20 missionaries arrived bursting with the Spirit and enthusiasm! These are amazingly wonderful missionaries.  President Sweeney and I love our missionaries.  The weather here is nice and feeling like a pleasant fall for the valley of the Arizona Scottsdale Mission the mountains are growing colder, which is probably a surprise for the missionaries that headed up that way today. We also invited several of our senior couples to join in the fun and assist in giving driving test, preparing food and helping the new missionaries feel welcome.  

Front to back, L to R: Sister McBride, Elder Tuft, Sister Tuft, Sister Moser, Sister Boss, Sister Kaufusi, Sister Evans, President Sweeney, Sister Sweeney, Sister Monney, Sister Freeman, Sister Doolhoff, Sister Fisher, Sister Aguado, 2nd Row: Elder McBride, Elder Morgan, Elder Williams, Elder Tellez Quiros, Elder McConkie, Elder Clark, Elder Finlayson, Elder Pilkington, Elder Clements, Elder Russell, Elder Carraway, Elder Shortland, Elder Curtis, Elder Edwards, Elder Watson


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