Mission Leadership Council – Aug. 2013

One of the great strengths of the Mission are our leaders. Just as in a ward or stake, the mission is organized around a Mission Leadership Council composed of Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leaders and the Assistants, joined by President and Sister Sweeney. It is a humbling experience to gather and discuss the business of the Mission.

We have recently thinned down the Mission rules. It is in keeping with the Lord’s “hastening of the work”. As we were recently taught by Elder Callister, “the greater the agency, the greater the growth.” In order to hasten the work, the Lord has raised a group of Mission leaders that can be trusted in all things. This allows them to try new ways to contact – like Friday night High School football game contacting! The Show Low Zone Leaders (Elder Johnson and Elder Leslie) actually did this last weekend and the local stake president reported they were “treated like rock stars” and introduced to many of the nonmember friends of the local youth.

We are grateful to be entrusted to help them grow as consecrated missionaries and leaders! Here is our August 2013 MLC photo.

L to R, Front to Back: Sister Training Leaders: Sister White, Sister Argyle, Sister Tenney, President Sweeney, Sister Sweeney, Sister Reed, Sister Garrick, Sister Heap, Sister Sanchez;  All Zone Leaders except where noted: Elder Wilson, Elder Hernandez, Elder Kinghorn, Elder Hansen, Elder Groneman, Elder Miller, Assistant Elder Ronnenberg, Elder Clark, Elder Lindeman, Elder Tarr, Elder Livermore, Elder Vete, Elder Quiner, Assistant Elder Fullmer, Elder Johnson, Elder Denham, Elder Krueger, Elder Keeler.

MLC Aug 2013lg

MLC August 2013

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