Catching Up

Here are a couple of photos that haven’t yet made the blog, but represent aspects of mission life that deserve some mention. First, moving furniture and opening new apartments is a part of mission life especially when new missionaries arriving exceed those leaving. The mission has opened up some 25 areas in the past 3 months – and each needed furnishing with beds, desks, dressers, kitchen tables and chairs and the other furnishings that missionaries receive. It’s pretty spartan, even for those accustomed to dorm life. But, it’s sufficient for their needs, and they quickly made it homey with the addition of used sofas from members.

The trips are made with our mission pick up and trailer and with the help of Elder Dale (for a later post) and Sister Dale, both service missionaries. Sometimes Pres. Sweeney also goes. Here’s a picture of a delivery to Snowflake with the delivery Elders dressed in P-day clothes and the receiving Elders in proselyting clothes. L to R – Elder Andersen, Elder Gonser, Elder Houghton, President Sweeney.
Snowflake Delivery

Plus another picture of a Snowflake Elder (Elder Morgan)Elder Morgan (2)

after a day’s work. This picture was captured at 9 pm after a summer rain had made the roads a bit messy. In the mountains, only the main roads are paved. The rest of the roads are brown dirt. If you look close, you can see the mud spots from his (or his companion’s) bike tires. Makes spaghetti sauce clean up look minor by comparison.

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