New Elder and Sister Visa Waiters – This is a Day of Miracles!

L to R, Top to Bottom: Elder Molinaro, Elder Maguet, Sister Fairbanks, Sister Healy, Sister Harrast and Sister Thompson

Our Visa Waiter Elders and Sisters add great strength to the Arizona Scottsdale Mission. They serve with distinction and they serve throughout the mission helping us hasten the work of the Lord. Elder Maguet is up in Ft. Apache – on the Apache Indian Reservation in White River AZ. He is large in stature – which we hope helps the work there. Elder Molinaro is valiantly serving in the heart of downtown Phoenix and doing a great job there.

But, it is the 4 VW Sisters whose story I’ll tell. Seems two of these VW Sisters on day 2 of their missions here in Scottsdale – were looking up less active members for a visit (many of the Sister Visa Waiters do “rescue” work). Because they were new, it was only 11:30 am, and they were already hot and thirsty. You see, they had forgotten their most important accessory – a water bottle! No one was home at the less active member’s apartment, but hearing music coming from the apartment next door, they walked over and knocked. The woman that answered invited them in for water and a chat. Seems she knew several members of the Church, had already read the Book of Mormon and was (in her words) “just waiting to find out how to be baptized”.

It doesn’t always happen this easy, but sometimes it does. I can see the email to Mom and Dad that followed…Here exactly 2 days and we’ve already found a golden contact! By the way, this story is 2 weeks old and the contact is set for baptism on 9/21. Arizona Scottsdale – Where Miracles Happen!

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