Arizona Scottsdale Mission Welcomes 23 New Missionaries!

Sep 3, 2013 Arriving Group

It is now transfer day + 5 and every missionary is now safely with a companion and doing the Lord’s work!

July transfers were only 3 weeks after the office opened with new staff – and to say there were some glitches would be extraordinarily charitable.  For example, vehicles came into the mission with one driver and left with another driver – and no one in the office knew of the switch.  For a couple of days, we weren’t sure who had the vehicles!

This time, we were ready!  Lots better organization (Elder Wood – a skilled bike repairer even repaired bikes all day), we brought in some senior missionary couples (Elder and Sister McBride, Elder and Sister Holmes, Elder and Sister Baker) who helped with everything from taking pictures to giving driving tests, and we added some canopied areas outside the mission office that offered shade and a place to gather.  The mission office is only 1200 square feet or so and it can be tight with 120+ missionaries gathered.

Plus, we changed the first-time proselyting experience for the new missionaries and they went out 2 x 2 to Scottsdale parks, downtown, Old Town Scottsdale, and a Spanish apartment complex area called simply “the square”.  The missionaries did wonderfully well and gained much-needed confidence that they can do missionary work.

By Tuesday at 4 pm, all 23 were on their way to places like Eagar, Taylor, Mesa and Pinnacle Peak.   They are a fantastic group!  We love them all!

L to R, F to R:  Sister Yates, Sister Pumphrey, Sister Holman, Sister Watkins, Sister Hogenson, Sister Christensen, Sister Sweeney, President Sweeney, Sister Faw, Sister Wheelwright, Sister Evans, Sister Roberts, Sister Cole, Sister Crowther; 2nd Row: Elder McBride, Sister McBride, Elder Myers, Elder Tarrazas, Elder Linn, Elder Simpson, Elder Blankenship, Elder Lakatani, Elder Stevenson, Elder Merkley, Elder Orr, Elder Millis

3 thoughts on “Arizona Scottsdale Mission Welcomes 23 New Missionaries!

  1. Thank you for this blog and for the photo! I am keeping a blog for Sister Yates and love what you have done with yours! I’ve already added a few new items and borrowed this wonderful picture. Thank you again for keeping this information!

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