The Bike Light – Sisters Style

Sisters Holyoak and Tillman

As “the wave” continues, the mission is moving towards more bikes! Even Sisters on bikes! Of course, the PR for the Church when two modestly (and colorfully) dressed Sisters on bikes roll by is tremendous. People are drawn towards them due to the spirit they project. What we didn’t anticipate was that Sisters like different bike accessories than Elders. Elders go for the spartan look. Speed is the priority. Sisters go more to comfort and carrying capacity — which includes baskets.

The picture shows a Sisters bike with a basket on the front. When we got a call from the Sister who used this bike saying her front headlamp did not project much light, we were confused. Lots of Elders used the same light and we had no complaints. So, we had her send us a picture of the bike. Then we noted the issue. Note the direction the handlebar light is pointed. Yep, almost vertical because of hittting the basket. No wonder!

Now we have most Sisters using helmet mounted headlamps – problem solved!Image

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