Time to Hit the Gym!

President Sweeney got help from a few missionaries to get his daily workout routine available for all the Scottsdale missionaries. We’re very excited for this to become a tool our missionaries can use to guide their exercise and pleased with how it turned out. Many thanks to Elder Faughnan and Hermana Pass for being our models and for the hard work of everyone involved. Each companionship will receive a copy of the workout flip book this upcoming transfer. Here are a few selections of photos from the making of as well as the final product. 

Making-of photos taken by Elder Kirk

One thought on “Time to Hit the Gym!

  1. President and Sister Sweeney – Thank You for this blog!! My son just opened his call letter last evening and is so excited to serve. He will enter the MTC on November 13th and should be to you just before (or perhaps right after) Thanksgiving. This blog will certainly help introduce him to each of you and to his field of labor. You’ll know him by Elder Walter! We couldn’t be happier that he is heading to you and the good people residing withing the Scottsdale Mission!

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