We Are One

Six weeks have passed since the Worldwide Leadership Training on The Work of Salvation.  The wave of Elders and Sisters wanting to serve continues to grow.  Here in the Phoenix metro area, we’ve gone from 3 missions of 150 missionaries (450 total) to 5 missions of between 200 – 250 missionaries (1250 total missionaries)!

It is a wonder to me to see our members respond to the Prophet’s request: “Now is the time for members and missionaries to work together.”  Never before have I seen members and missionaries working together so closely.  In most of our wards and branches, referrals have increased sharply.  Missionaries are looking up less active brothers and sisters and bringing them back into activity.  There are no lines that divide us – our mission is the same – to invite all to come unto Christ and receive the ordinances of exaltation.

The Church produced a short video which explains things better than I can.  Here it is.  It’s only 5 minutes and it says so much.  As you watch, think of the missionaries in your neighborhood.  Isn’t it time to step forward and help them in the exact same way you want the members here to help your missionary?

As leaders, members, and missionaries, we are one in the work of salvation. Working together, we will find great power to bring others into the Church, to strengthen new members, and to rescue the lost.

One thought on “We Are One

  1. Elder Van Meeteren was so excited to be able to put to use his video filming and editing talents to use in serving the Lord that he can hardly contain himself! He has already sent us pictures of he and his district making a video. We hope it helps bring people to the gospel!

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