Arizona Scottsdale Mission Adds 29 New Missionaries!

7.22.2013 Arrivals

OK, it’s been busy! So busy we’re behind in our posts – including the arrival of 29 wonderful Elders and Sisters! Sister Sweeney and President Sweeney joined our office staff, Elder Williams and Elder McConkie and our Assistants, Elder Ronnenberg and Elder Fullmer in picking up our Elders and Sisters at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix on July 22nd. It took two 11 passenger vans, our mission pickup and trailer and two more sedans to fit the luggage and the missionaries for a ride to the Mesa Temple where this picture was taken. The Visitors Center at the Mesa Temple is a wonderful place to visit – and we took the same tour that investigators take when they accompany their missionaries on tour.

This stop was followed by a trip back to the mission home where the new missionaries squared away their paperwork, bought bicycles and helmets for future use, stocked up on supplies and then paired up with experienced missionaries to go out for the evening. All of them had their first in-field missionary experience that evening – most of them participating in lessons or finding.

The next day was the mission transfer meeting. All 29 new Elders and Sisters met their trainer – which we consider the highest responsibility in the mission! It was “just like in the movies” with Elders greeting their new companion usually with a bear hug that lifted one or the other off the ground. The Sisters were just as enthusiastic – but not as athletic in their delivery!

We are so impressed with these Elders and Sisters! Here they are from L to R front to back: First Row: Sister Chase, Sister Carroll, Sister Pass, Sister Pew, Sister Garrett, Sister Stratton, Sister Sweeney, President Sweeney, Sister Correa, Sister Andrus, Sister Crandall, Sister Jones, Sister Stevens, Sister Brown. Second Row: Elder Nevin, Elder Blake, Elder Riggs, Elder Socha, Elder Dunnavant, Elder Murray, Elder Black, Elder Haney, Elder Stott, Elder Rayas. Third Row: Elder Shirley, Elder Sorensen, Elder Graves, Elder Burggraaf, Elder States, Elder Gaebler, Elder Harris.

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