Talk With Everyone! Elder Rydalch and Elder Ronnenberg Deliver!

During our Meet the New Mission President Tour, we thought it best to have our Mission Assistants be drivers to the various ward buildings where we met each zone.  We started the meetings at 7:30  am with a continental breakfast, so we needed to arrive by 7:00 am.  At our very first meeting, while we were unloading the car and oblivious to much around us, I noticed our Assistants, Elder Rydalch and Elder Ronnenberg suddenly took a short break from their temporal duties.  A young woman in her 20’s had innocently decided to use the Church parking lot as a part of her morning jog path.  And, she had strayed too close to these fine Elders.  Everyone “knows” you can’t talk with people about missionary work before, oh say 8:00 am.  Not these Elders.  They flagged her down and did what Preach My Gospel says to do:  talk with everyone!

Yes, they made an appointment for the local Sisters to meet with their new jogger friend!


Elder Rydalch (L) and Elder Ronnenberg (R)

Based on that, we wonder if in a twist to the warning signs posted on some places, those at LDS meeting houses ought to say, “Warning: Joggers will be Proselyted”!

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