Our Secret Weapon – Visa Waiter Missionaries!

The Arizona Scottsdale Mission has a rich legacy of missionary work.  Through the doors of the mission office – formerly the office of the Arizona Mesa mission – and mission home have passed over 4,000 missionaries in the +/- 40 years since this mission complex was built.  However, not everyone who serves in the Scottsdale Mission is called to the Scottsdale Mission.  Those missionaries called to foreign missions – like Brazil and Argentina – often encounter trouble getting visas to enter the country they are called to before their MTC training ends.

Weekly, we receive calls asking if we have room for “visa waiter” Elders and Sisters.  Last week, we took 6 of them – and they arrived today (photos below).  These extra missionaries aren’t coddled in the slightest – they are welcomed and then teamed with a companion that has been called to the Arizona Scottsdale Mission.  This unsung force allows us to stretch our missionary resources so that we have 5 or 6 areas open for proselyting that otherwise would not be open.  These visa waiter missionaries are our secret weapon!

Although they generally only stay about 6 – 10 weeks with us, they leave with a love of the people they serve and, in many cases, their first experience with a baptism.   They universally arrive with a determination to serve with honor while they are here.

Our latest visa waiter arrivals are:

Sisters Astle, Wadsworth and Houtz – all bound for Argentina and Elders Goodfellow, Morgan and Faughnan all bound for Brazil.  Welcome to them all!

3 thoughts on “Our Secret Weapon – Visa Waiter Missionaries!

    • We do indeed! Sister Sasine is in the Papago Indian reservation ward and (as of today) is a senior companion to a younger (by a couple of weeks) fellow visa waiter. She is an incredible missionary and Sister Sweeney and I love her to death!

  1. This is Elder Faughnan’s mom. I’m happy that his mission was reassigned to Scottsdale Az until he gets his visa. He has learned and grown so much already from the example of President & Sister Sweeney. Oh and President Sweeney, I know he keeps experiencing problems with his bike i.e.., from getting air, or from jumping it. The crank arm has now fallen off. haha. Even tho he’s fixing it & pedaling with one leg, it won’t prevent him from getting out and doing his missionary work. So happy to hear of his first baptism. Thank you for taking him in before he transfers to Brazil. Love all of you guys over there.

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