Farewell and God Be With You – # 1

Today we said good bye to 4 missionaries who have completed their missions.  It was hot today, with a hint of moisture in the air as the summer monsoon season blossomed around us, just not over us.  We chose to take a picture in the mission home garden, shielded from the mid-day sun by a large live oak tree.

For these Elders and Sisters, tonight they will have a farewell dinner and testimony meeting with President Jenkins and the other Mesa Mission departing Elders and Sisters whom they labored with until 2 weeks ago when the new Scottsdale Mission was created.

They arrived as young men and young women – they depart as stalwart men and women – having been refined by the Master.  There is no choicer experience than to interview these faithful Elders and Sisters as they prepare to return with honor!

L to R, Elder Richmond, Elder Bybee, President Sweeney, Sister Sweeney, Sister Schneider, Sister Crawford.


DeparturesJuly2013 (1)

Sister Crawford – Washington, Sister Schneider – Utah, Elder Bybee – Idaho, Elder Richmond – Texas

Next week is transfers and 5 more of their group will depart.  Taking their place are 33 young Elders and Sisters – as a continuing part of the “wave” of new missionaries that are volunteering to serve.  Included in the next arriving group will be 14 new Sister missionaries, almost doubling our complement of Sisters.  More on both departures and arrivals next week….

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